Where to stay in El Paredon

Visiting El Paredon but don’t know where to stay?

El Paredon provides a wide variety of accommodation options, so it’s worth doing research into all the various places to see what best suits. Listed below are the best options:

La Choza Chula Homestay

At La Choza Chula we offer local home stays where you can stay with a local family and experience Guatemalan rural life. A traditional breakfast is included as part of your experience. To find out more please email: info@lachozachula.org.

Price: Q100p/p or Q150 for two.

La Choza Chula homestay in El Paredon

Surf Camp

El Paredon Surf Camp was the first hostel to open in the village. It houses rustic cabanas on the beach and is a very laid back, peaceful place. It generally appeals to those wanting a more relaxed time in El Paredon, closer to the community. Good food is cooked up here by local chef Dina for a very reasonable price, whilst it’s also a good spot for surfers.

Surf House

El Paredon Surf House has a more hotel-like atmosphere yet still accommodates a lot of travellers. It has a swimming pool, beautiful setting and the best range of surfboards in the village. Breakfast and dinner included in price.

Driftwood Surfer

Driftwood opened in 2015 and is a surf/party hostel. It attracts the most tourists year round and has built up a famous reputation across Guatemala. A/C is in all the rooms, there is an outdoor pool/bar and it is right on the beach. Dinner at night is a communal buffet and always a very high quality. If you are looking for a place to combine the surf with a party atmosphere this is the place for you.

Driftwood Surfer in El Paredon, surf competition

Soul Food Kitchen

Located just behind Driftwood, Soul Food Kitchen offers a different accommodation option in El Paredon. A laid back vibe with great food, it has cheap private rooms and a small pool. It offers a great alternative as a reasonable backpacker option, whilst still being close to the beach.


Pelicanos is a Guatemalan run high-end, small hotel with A/C and beautiful swimming pool. Private rooms come with private showers and hot water. A more expensive option that generally appeals to Guatemalan crowds.


Pacifico opened in 2016 after originally starting out as a brilliant pizzeria in the village. It offers the best pizzas in town and a beautiful swimming pool with nice rooms and a relaxed environment.

Finca Mystica

Finca Mystica hosts a nice blend of stylish, comfortable rooms, combined with a rustic, relaxed charm. It’s always quiet and is right on the beach. Their permaculture garden is worth checking out and helped a lot with La Choza Chula’s construction of a permaculture garden in the secondary school.

La Choza Chula permaculture garden in El Paredon

Swell Guatemala

Opening 2018