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La Choza Chula aims to empower women and young people by creating opportunities to generate additional income through locally-made products. The project develops creative skills and introduces the basics of enterprise and product development.

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Our social enterprise projects provide a platform from which local people can launch their own initiatives and benefit from the growing opportunities that tourism is bringing to the area.

As well as providing a fair wage to our makers, all proceeds from the sales of our products are reinvested back into our educational programmes such as our community library and English language classes.

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> Chula Bracelets

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Chula Bracelets was La Choza Chula’s first project. The old house where we began workshops even gave us our name: La Choza Chula or The Cool Shack. Our range of hand-woven bracelets are designed and created by our team of talented young makers aged 15-24.

As part of the project, the young makers also receive an introduction to creative enterprise to help increase their skills and potential to earn in a community where there are few employment opportunities.

The bracelets have been sold internationally through impactful partnerships with diverse organisations. In 2016 we worked with Janji, an ethical clothing company based in the US, who commissioned the team to create 150 bracelets that were then sold at the Boston Marathon and in a pop-up shop. Here and Now bought 100 of our bracelets to present to key people at the UN General Assembly and at the #LightTheWay event in New York as a symbol of solidarity in committing to the new global goals promised by world leaders. Our partnership with The Pulsera Project led to a commission of 2,300 bracelets to be sold in schools in the USA to fund social projects.

“It’s hard to find work in the village. As a girl I can’t go out fishing at sea and working in the sesame fields is tough in the hot sun all day and it’s only seasonal. I prefer to make bracelets, I can make them at home in my own time and I enjoy making them, I’m proud of our talent. It gives me a chance to contribute towards my family but also I can buy things for myself that I really want like clothes. Last year we changed our house with some of the money earnt – now our house is more secure made from concrete and no longer from old wood.”

Alejandra, bracelet maker

Bracelets – $4 / 30Q // 4 for $13 / 4 for 100Q


handmade Guatemalan bracelet

Our range of hand-woven bracelets are designed and created by our team of bright, young teenagers. Check out our wide variety of styles, colours and designs and even order your own custom coloured bracelets.

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> Chula Bags

Chula Bags are made possible through a partnership between La Choza Chula, La Voz de Los Tzu’tujiles (a weaving cooperative based in San Juan, Lake Atitlan), and our three seamstresses in El Paredón.

We work closely with La Voz de Los Tzu’tujiles to create unique fabrics with a story. The fabrics then arrive in El Paredón where they are turned into our high-quality products by our team of local makers Sandra, Mildred and Angelina. This creative triangle ensures our product line remains locally driven, socially responsible and of the highest quality from the raw thread to the end product.

cloth maker

Since 2014, La Choza Chula has been working with this small group of makers to train and develop their skills to create quality products, enabling them to earn a fair and independent income whilst still caring for their families.

Sewing for La Choza Chula allows me to be at home and care for the kids – I don’t have to travel far and I can know if my kids are eating and doing their homework. With the money I make it helps me pay for the upkeep of the house, food and clothes for my kids and things for school – Sandra, local Production Manager


Yoga Mat Bag – $40 / 300Q

Keep your mind, body and soul in harmony with our La Choza Chula yoga mat bags. Our bags use specially chosen fabrics to keep you comfortable on your way to and from the studio. Each bag has a drawstring closure and a small pocket on the side to keep your valuables safe.

Handmade Guatemalan Yoga Mat bag

Surf Board Sock –  $80 / 600Q

Add some style to your beloved board with La Choza Chula’s custom-made board sock. Choose from our range of 3 colour combinations featuring Mayan wave symbols. Every sock comes with added protection around the nose and a drawstring on the tail to keep your board safe on your way to the beach and dust-free when resting at home. Choose between our three sizes of short board, fish and long board.

Handmade Guatemalan Surf Sock

Laptop Case –  $40 / 300Q

Keep your laptop protected with our Chula Laptop Case. The case uses the woven ‘Olas’ fabric from the lake, available in all three colours. For the closing edge  we  have our Guatemalan coffee sack design, to combine two of Guatemala’s greatest exports: coffee and weaving. The laptop case is available for 13” and 15” screen laptops only. The laptop case has protective padding inside and elastic & button fastening.

Chula Bags - Laptop case

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