New Books for the Buena Vista Library!

A Journey for New Books

An Early Rise

Last Friday, July 4th at 5am, La Choza Chula staff members, Kate and Seth, and three El Paredón community leaders set off on the three-hour journey to Jocotenango, Guatemala. Conversation was sparse until the sun appeared at closer to 6am, but all were quietly excited about the day’s events to follow.

The purpose of the trip was to arrive in Jocotenango, Guatemala at 8:30am to accept an donation of 2000 new books for the Buena Vista Library! The donation more than quintupled the supply of books in the library, and filled a great need for early reader fiction books.

New Books, New Stories

The donation was comprised of everything from bi-lingual books for infants, to mathematics and science textbooks. Importantly, it also contained multiple copies of many children’s fiction books, which will help facilitate

La Choza Chula’s in-class literacy classes for first year students. We are incredibly indebted to the lovely Guatemalan-based NGO, Child Aid, who made all this happen, and thank them for their continued support of El Paredón’s Buena Vista Library. After a week of inventorying and organising, the new books are on the shelves and ready to be explored. Stay tuned for more Buena Vista Library updates!